Northwest Indiana Birding Opportunities - Kingsbury Fish & Wildlife Area

Kingsbury Fish & Wildlife Area is a state-managed fishing and hunting area of 7,280 acres of grasslands, crop fields, thick brush, scattered stands of conifers and hardwoods, marsh areas and a 30-acre lake.

Kingsbury FWA Birders on Indiana Birding Trail

The Kankakee River forms the south boundary and ditches drain into it.
Kingsbury is the leading area in La Porte County with 243 species recorded in eBird, it’s a stop-over site for migrating birds, and year-round habitat for birds of prey, and waterfowl. The major sites to visit are:

East Hupp Road, the main entrance road, ends at Tamarack Lake/Marsh, which allows boating access and an area for Sandhill Cranes, swans, and winter waterfowl. The secondary road towards the fish hatchery is a good place for passerines.

River Road leads to the Grande Marsh, with open water for ducks and water level-managed marshy areas for secretive marsh birds. Migrating shorebirds stop here, particularly in the spring. Osprey platform is located at the edge. This road ends at the Kankakee River, and its side ditch has several wood duck boxes which may include nesting Screech Owls. Having a scope is helpful for the back areas of open water.

Nickel Road runs to the east along mixed grasslands and crop fields, and can be a good spot for flyby migrating hawks and resident Ospreys. It ends among a mixed forest of deciduous and conifer trees, and a previous location for Barred Owl and pheasant.

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Total Birding Time:
1-2 hours will allow for a cursory scan of the property, but 3-4 hours will allow for a more extensive search of the three main areas.

Best Times to Bird: 
Most birders visit from January – October, mostly avoiding the early morning hours. The average visit includes about a mile in driving distance, taking about 1 ½ - 2 hours with stops at the 3 major birding areas.



5344 S. Hupp Road
LaPorte, IN 46350.
Nearby crossroads are US-6 and US-35 coming from La Porte.

Hours: 24/7. Office hours are 8:00am -2:00 pm CT.
Ownership: Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife.
Admission: No admission fee or registration needed.
Restrictions: This is an active hunting area, so check on hunting dates and/or wear orange if visiting at dawn or dusk. Obey all posted rules and closed areas.
Parking: Three main roads and several secondary roads have numerous posted parking lots that allow access to the grounds by foot.
Nearby Amenities: Seasonal restrooms and all-year port-a-potties are located near the main office. The city of La Porte is 20 miles north with hotels gas, and restaurants.
Accessibility: Paved roads, and restrooms are accessible. No accessible trails are to be found.
Phone Number:
 (219) 393-3612

Written by: Kim Ehn
Photo by: 
John Kendall